WKA Seminar & Testing with Grand Master Jun

On Saturday, February 10th, 2018 students ranging from Sioux Falls, SD, northern Minnesota (as well as St. Cloud MN), and all the way from Crystal River, Florida gathered together to learn from WKA (World Kumdo Association) leader - Grand Master Jong K. Jun.

Beginner and advanced students alike benefited from Grand Master Jun's thorough explanations of foundational skills.  From basic footwork and how to correctly grip the sword - through proper striking, Grand Master Jun logically built upon each lesson throughout the day.


Lunch followed the three hour morning seminar...can't argue with a party sub sandwich!

Following lunch (and a brief warm up to make sure the party subs were digesting properly) rank testing was conducted.

As you can tell from the pictures, no one had any fun, lol :-) 

Oh, and of course we went out for dinner afterward!

WKA National Championship - New York


In August of 2017 our instructor was invited to compete at the World Kumdo Association national tournament in New York.  He was honored to compete in the individual tournament as well as a member of the team fighting out of Moline, IL.

Mr. Jesse had a successful day of competition winning a number of matches, a draw, and one loss.  The competition was tough, but more importantly it was friendly, and highly skilled!

We look forward to the national tournament next year!


Instructor Mr. Wally Wales demonstrating how to put on armor for the Kumdo portion of the day.

Instructor Mr. Wally Wales demonstrating how to put on armor for the Kumdo portion of the day.

Mr. Jesse was honored to be asked to lead a seminar for the newly forming Kumdo/Kumbub class in Park Rapids, MN under the direction of 1st Degree black belt Mr. Wally Wales.

The day was a fun success, students experienced aspects of both Kumdo (sport sword) and the Kumbup (real sword) training techniques.


Saturday, March 18th we had the honor of hosting nearly 30 competitors for our first ever Kumdo & Kendo competition!  

Events consisted of team sparring.  Individual sparring.  And the opportunity to sharpen cutting skills with atatami mat cutting practice.

Seven teams with members from as far away as Florida and Omaha made the trek to Sioux Falls to compete for bragging rights as the Sioux Falls champion!  The Kendo team from Omaha Kendo & Iaido led by instructor Charlie Howell claimed victory in the end :-)

After the team and individual competition ended, much socializing and relaxation was had during the lunch break (tasty Pho noodles),  before the cutting practice began.

We hope very much that folks will be interested in attending next year should the event be held again!

December 2015 - Training trip to Florida

Mr. Jesse and Mr. Brett headed down to our affiliate gym in Clear River, Florida for some fun training and the opportunity to test for the next rank!  Both passed, with Mr. Brett earning his first degree black belt and Mr. Jesse earning his third degree.

Much fun was had!  Our hosts in Florida are a fantastic bunch of people who represent the martial arts spirit is a very positive way :-)

Here are some photos and videos of the third day of training in which we enjoyed some cutting practice.